Recently there have been a number of articles in the press regarding labiaplasty and vaginal reconstruction. As board certified plastic surgeons, we look at labiaplasty, as a means for a woman to improve her appearance and feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, there have been some that have offered procedures that claim to revirginate a woman by reattaching the hymen or offer procedures for increased sexual pleasure through G-spot amplification. These procedures are gross misrepresentations of labiaplasty.

Sadly, the negative press around this procedure can cause prospective patients to not consider a procedure because it is not medically necessary. Plastic surgery continues to be a professional skill that looks to reshape the human body from either injury or to reduce physical or mental discomfort from one’s abnormal appearance. Labiaplasty continues to be a safe and accepted procedure when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon to help make a woman feel more comfortable.