There are several different factors that can lead to a woman’s decision to have breast augmentation surgery.  Some common reasons for this procedure include a woman’s perception that her breasts are underdeveloped, differences in the size of the breasts, and flattened out or empty breasts from pregnancy or breast feeding.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you may be a candidate for breast augmentation if you experience the following:

  • You are bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too small
  • Clothes that fit well around your hips are often too large at the bustline
  • You feel self-conscious wearing a swimsuit or form-fitting top
  • Your breasts have become smaller and lost their firmness after having children
  • Weight loss has changed the size and shape of your breasts
  • One of your breasts is noticeably smaller than the other (Breast Augmentation)

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, and feel as though you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation, you should contact a surgeon for a consultation.  The Surgeon will listen to your expectations, as well as provide additional information on the procedure based on the placement of the nipples and areolas, the size and shape of your breasts, and the quality of your skin.

It is important that you provide your complete medical history with the surgeon, including information regarding a history of breast cancer in your family.  Breast augmentation does not increase the risk of breast cancer however it may make it slightly more difficult to take mammograms in the future.  Your surgeon may recommend a pre-surgery baseline mammogram, as well as a secondary mammogram several months after the augmentation procedure.