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Category Archives: Breast Reconstruction

Driven by Hope: Our Breast Reconstruction Mission

Breast Reconstruction on the East Coast—But a Worldwide Mission At , breast reconstruction is one of our primary missions. This doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to aesthetic plastic surgery—not by any means. But breast reconstruction done well takes a certain commitment and certain degree of specialization. This is, in part, because a good […]

The Importance of Angelina Jolie’s Decision to Go Public with Her Mastectomy

Mastectomies have been in the news a lot recently, since actress Angelina Jolie revealed in an op-ed that she wrote for the New York Times that she had recently undergone the procedure. With the growing awareness of breast cancer among today’s society, mastectomies are becoming a more popular option for women who carry a high […]

Nipple Reconstruction Following Breast Reconstruction

Many women who have had breast reconstruction surgery choose to have nipple reconstruction as well.  Nipple reconstruction is a surgical procedure, which involves the rearrangement of skin on the reconstructed breast in order to simulate the appearance of a nipple.  There are different methods of nipple reconstruction, and the right method can be determined for […]

Understanding TRAM Flap Surgery

TRAM Flap surgery, (or Transverse Rectus Abdominus Myocutaneous), is one of the options for breast reconstruction surgery.  There are several different forms of TRAM flap surgery, and they can all be a viable alternative for women who would like to use their own tissue for reconstruction or may have a contraindication to traditional breast implants […]

Is DIEP Flap Surgery Safe?

DIEP flap surgery, (Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator) involves taking skin and tissue from the patient’s abdomen in order to recreate a breast.  During this surgery, a team of microsurgeons removes small blood vessels in the abdomen and reattaches them in the chest in order to use the abdominal tissue to recreate a breast.  These […]

Myths on DIEP Flap Surgery

With any new procedure in medicine, there are number of myths that sometimes percolate on the Internet or in the media. MYTH: DIEP Flap Surgery is experimental FACT: DIEP Flap surgery is not experimental. The reason people consider it experimental is very few plastic surgeons are fully trained in the DIEP Flap procedure MYTH: If you had […]

Recovery from DIEP Flap Surgery

The DIEP Flap breast reconstruction procedure  is a highly sophisticated procedure that requires more recovery than other forms of breast reconstruction. Following the procedure, the patient should expect to remain in the hospital for approximately three to five days. After 24-48 hours, the patient should begin to walk around their room and hospital floor on […]

Health Insurance for Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Once a patient has a mastectomy and has fully healed from the procedure, they can choose to have breast reconstruction surgery. This is not considered a cosmetic procedure and all forms of health care insurance must provide coverage for breast reconstruction surgery for patients who have been treated for breast cancer.

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