Opting for a neck lift is the right decision when you want to give your neck a firm and smooth appearance. As this is an outpatient procedure, the doctor will allow you to go back home, after completing the surgery.

What to Expect after the Surgery?

You may have to wear a thin tube, which removes excess fluids which tend to accumulate under your skin. During the recovery period, it is essential to remain patient, while allowing your body to heal.

Taking adequate amounts of rest is crucial while recuperating from the surgery. It will take around two weeks, after which you can return back to work.

How to Improve your Recovery Time?

If you lead an active lifestyle, you will have to avoid intense activities for a minimum of three weeks. Do listen to the doctor about what he/she has about taking care of yourself. The cosmetic surgeon may apply a bandage, to reduce the recovery time. Make sure you don’t apply excessive force to this region.

When you are home, make sure you keep your head above your heart. Avoid bending or twisting your neck during the recovery period. Also, the results are better if you keep your neck straight as much as possible.

Make sure you protect your skin from sunlight when you step out of your household. While it is essential to apply sunscreen every time you step out, avoid wearing clothing that requires you to pull them over your head. With a neck lift, you will notice a significant improvement in your self-confidence.