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MTF Bottom Surgery

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Biological sex can be modified to match your gender identity with an MTF bottom surgery in New Jersey. We provide gender-affirmation MTF bottom surgery options such as vaginoplasty, robotic vaginoplasty, zero-depth vaginoplasty, and revision vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

These are intricate procedures that can only be done by experts in the field. To provide the safest surgeries possible at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jonathan Keith has assembled a world-class team of expert surgeons and board-certified urologists.


What Is MTF Bottom Surgery?

MTF, or Male-To-Female, bottom surgery is a type of procedure that involves the transformation of masculine genitals into feminine genitals. This helps transgender patients actualize their feminization goals for a more comfortable and gender-congruent lifestyle. There are many options that transgender patients can choose from according to their preference.



One option is vaginoplasty. Many trans patients see this procedure as the defining stage of the transition process. A vaginal vault is created in the same location as a cis woman’s pelvic floor, between the urethra and the rectum. The vaginal lining will come from the patient’s penile skin.

To create the labia majora, an orchiectomy will first be performed. The clitoris will be made from a section of the glans penis. Labia are constructed with the help of the scrotal skin. This procedure will retain the prostate to avoid urethral structure and preserve erogenous sensation similar to the “g-spot.”


Robotic Vaginoplasty

This procedure was pioneered by Dr. Keith using the da Vinci robot in penile-inversion vaginoplasty. Robotic surgeries are incredibly precise. Robotic vaginoplasty surgery aims to achieve a sensate and natural-looking vagina that is fully functional.

In this technique, the testicles and the erectile parts of the penis are removed, and a sensate clitoris is reconstructed from the glans penis.

A neo-vaginal canal is also made between the rectum and the prostate. The lining comes from the penis and scrotum’s skin and a graft from the peritoneum. The peritoneum is a smooth tissue lining in the inner wall of the abdominal cavity that secretes a natural lubricant. After the patient has fully healed, the peritoneum tissue will look identical to vaginal mucosa.


Zero-Depth Vaginoplasty

This option is for patients who desire a natural-appearing vulva with no need for a vaginal canal. Through a zero-depth vaginoplasty, the external male genitalia are reconstructed to female form. This procedure will result in a sensate neo-clitoris and a female-positioned urethra. It is important to note that penetrative vaginal intercourse will not be possible with this surgery.


Revision Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

Revision surgeries are routinely performed on gender affirmation patients who are unsatisfied with the results achieved by other surgeons in the U.S. or in other countries. Revision vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are often covered by insurance. They can be quite complex and are performed in collaboration with board-certified urologists or gynecologists.


Am I a Good Candidate for MTF Bottom Surgery?

The best candidates for MTF bottom surgery are people who have experienced gender dysphoria and are looking to transition surgically. It is important to remember that surgery is the most invasive option when it comes to transitioning.

Candidates must be in good overall physical health. People with coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, and diabetes may have complications when it comes to incision healing. Smoking also affects surgical recovery, so smokers must refrain from using cigarettes or nicotine devices four to six weeks before and after the surgery.


Your MTF Bottom Surgery Consultation

An MTF bottom surgery consultation follows the guidelines of either informed consent or WPATH standards of care.

In an informed consent framework, the physician will inform you about the benefits and risks of an MTF bottom surgery. After learning all the information about the procedure, the decision to undergo the surgery will come from the patient.

The case is different with WPATH standards of care. This model will require a letter of support from a therapist to begin hormone replacement therapy and other letters to qualify for bottom surgery.

Review from D.| Source: Healthgrades | Apr 12, 2020

“I had top surgery with Dr. Keith February 2020. His wait time for surgery was super fast, I had my consult and then a month later had my surgery. He is very thorough and wants the best results he can give you. At the consult he explains everything to the T and showed multiple results which look phenomenal. Contacting the office was super easy and his staff is very nice towards lgbtq. Dr. Keith also makes sure his hospital staff uses the correct pronouns. This was the best experience I could’ve wished for and I’m very happy with my results. 10/10 recommended”

The Recovery Process

The patient will be required be hospitalized for three to six days, followed by seven to ten days of outpatient visits for health and safety observation. Patients will need to refrain from strenuous activities for six weeks after surgery, and time off from work will be required. The patient can return to regular activities with no restrictions three months after the procedure.


How Much Does MTF Bottom Surgery Cost?

The price of MTF bottom surgery will depend on the amount of surgical work the procedure will require. Since MTF bottom surgery is an intricate operation, various specialists in plastic surgery, urology, and gynecology will be involved.

If the patient works for a company that complies with the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s standards for its Equality Index, or if they live in a state that requires transgender care coverage for insurance plans, there will be an opportunity to save on high out-of-pocket costs. Speak with our financing department to discuss claims and payment options.


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