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Nose Reshaping and Reconstruction (Rhinoplasty)

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The nose is the centerpiece of the face, and the structure of the nose is fundamental to the face’s overall symmetry and proportionality. Nose surgery—also called rhinoplasty—can dramatically improve the balance of features even when done with great subtlety and finesse. At East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, our goal is always to help you look like your very best self; every rhinoplasty we perform is carefully designed for your nose, your face, and your goals. We invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our rhinoplasty surgeons at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery to learn more about nose reshaping and reconstruction, and see how it can work for you.

Patients may seek out a rhinoplasty, or “nose job,” procedure for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, cosmetic motivations are primary and patients simply want a nose that “looks better” in relation to their faces. In other cases, however, a patient is seeking to correct issues caused by trauma or damage (a broken nose, for example). In still other cases, patients want to address internal problems that are best addressed by a rhinoplasty procedure. Once the procedure is complete, patients are typically thrilled with the results—the nose looks more fitting to their face, and that’s an incredibly important feeling for patients.

What is a rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty refers to procedures that reshape the nose. Special techniques are used to improve the symmetry of the face or modify nasal passages in order to improve nasal function. Rhinoplasty can be both a cosmetic and medical surgery.

In most cases of rhinoplasty, surgical incisions are made inside the nose. More complicated procedures (like those to address a facial injury or congenital defect) may require some incisions along the outer crease of the nose as well.

Most candidates for rhinoplasty are looking to achieve a nose that “fits with their face.” Our New Jersey patients have a wide range of goals when it comes to rhinoplasty. During your one-on-one consultation at ECAPS, you’ll discuss your needs and goals with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can be life changing, but not everyone is the right candidate for the procedure. Below is a list to help you determine whether or not nose surgery is right for you:

  • You are in good health, and your facial growth is complete. (Typically this means that you are at least 13 years of age, with age 16 or older being optimal.)
  • You are bothered by the shape or size of your nose
  • The overall size of your nose is too large or small in relation to your other facial features
  • Your nose profile includes visible humps or depressions on the nasal bridge
  • The tip of your nose is too wide, bulbous, drooping or upturned
  • Your nostrils are upturned or too large
  • Your nose is not symmetrical
  • You have trouble breathing (especially while sleeping) due to irregularities with your nasal passages
  • You have previous injury to your nose causing any of the above mentioned conditions

Your ECAPS plastic surgeon cares about the symmetry of your face and your overall health. During your one-on-one consultation with a surgeon at one of our ECAPS offices of New Jersey, you will go over these considerations in order to ensure that your surgery is a success. You should be prepared to discuss your full medical history during your consultation, including any medical conditions, previous surgeries or treatments, drug allergies, current medications, and use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances.

Special Considerations for Nose Surgery

Please reflect upon the following factors before committing to plastic surgery:

  • Expectations: Rhinoplasty can greatly improve your appearance and help with your breathing and health, but it is very critical that you keep your expectations realistic. Rhinoplasty should be performed for your own benefit, not to make you look like someone else or please others.
  • Medical conditions: Nose surgeries are not recommended for those with diabetes, heart problems, or a weak immune system. These factors can complicate surgery and interfere with optimal recovery. It is important that you are healthy enough to withstand surgery before you undergo any type of nose surgery.

What Happens During a “Nose Job” Procedure?

In most cases, rhinoplasty is performed in a hospital setting under general anesthesia. However, rhinoplasty may sometimes be performed with local anesthetic and general sedation. In either case, rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning patients are typically allowed to return home following a short stay in a recovery room.

There are two basic approaches to most rhinoplasty procedures, an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty. During an open rhinoplasty, an incision is made along the columella (that narrow column of skin between your nostrils). This is a relatively small incision, so any scar tissue is very easily hidden once healing begins. During a closed rhinoplasty, the incision is made inside the nose (ensuring the any scarring will not be seen).

Once the incision is made, the skin is gently lifted over the cartilage and nasal bones, allowing surgeons access to the interior structures of the nose. If the patient wants a smaller nose, for example, cartilage is then removed or reshaped. When the patient wants the nose to be larger, cartilage from the septum may be used as a graft.

When the changes to the nose are complete, the incision is closed and stitches or sutures are applied.

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

The results of your rhinoplasty procedure may depend heavily on your recovery period—ensuring that the nose does not receive any undue bumps or jolts. For this reason, your nose may be placed in a splint for the initial recovery period (especially if the internal aspects of your nose have been reshaped). All of our New York and New Jersey rhinoplasty patients will receive detailed and individualized recovery instructions from their ECAPS surgeon in order to ensure the best possible results.

Rhinoplasty is commonly an outpatient surgery, performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation. After a few hours of recovery you should be permitted to go home. You may have a metal splint on your nose to aid in healing, which will be removed after several days.

Your nose will be tender to the touch for the first few days, and you must avoid straining, bending, lifting, biting hard things, and other strenuous activity for several days. Bruising will occur, but typically resolves itself within two weeks.

The highly trained plastic surgeons at the East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery Center will be with you throughout every phase of your procedure. You will also be sent home with a list of detailed care instructions to ensure that your recovery process is a success.

Rhinoplasty Results

Because ECAPS uses a team of highly qualified New Jersey rhinoplasty surgeons, we are able to generate superior results for our patients. In fact, many of our rhinoplasty patients report a significant increase in quality of life and confidence after their procedure. Patients will typically feel as though their face is brought into better balance by their rhinoplasty results—they feel that the nose is no longer the center of attention. It may take between nine and twelve months for the full results of your procedure to become visible, but many patients find relief once swelling begins to diminish (after only a few weeks).

A rhinoplasty procedure can change the composition, profile, and balance of the entire face. This means that a “nose job” can be an incredibly powerful procedure for our east coast patients. With the artistry, experience, and expertise employed by our rhinoplasty surgeons, you can be assured that you will have the best chance possible at achieving your desired rhinoplasty results. To learn more about what our plastic surgeons can do for you and how rhinoplasty can change and reshape your nose, contact us to schedule a confidential consultation. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you on your way to your transformation!

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