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FTM Top Surgery

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  FTM top surgery, or chest masculinization, can be a life-changing procedure for transgender and gender non-conforming patients. Dr. Jonathon Keith is a board-certified plastic surgeon and world-renowned expert in transmasculine procedures who frequently performs FTM top surgery in New Jersey to help patients overcome gender dysphoria and feel more comfortable in their bodies.

What Is FTM Top Surgery?

FTM top surgery is a gender-affirming procedure performed to masculinize the chest area. Depending on the patient’s anatomy and goals for treatment, FTM top surgery may involve:
  • Removing unwanted breast tissue
  • Reshaping, resizing, and/or repositioning the nipples
  • Adjusting the skin to complement the patient’s new chest shape
FTM top surgery requires advanced techniques and should only be performed by a qualified surgeon with experience in transmasculine procedures.

Who Is a Candidate for FTM Top Surgery?

Transgender and gender non-conforming patients who desire masculine chest contours can be good candidates for FTM top surgery. Candidates must be free of any medical conditions that may interfere with the body’s ability to heal. Candidates must also be willing to follow all pre-and-post-operative instructions.

Most FTM top surgery patients are over the age of 18. However, the team at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery will consider candidacy for younger patients who provide referral letters from a mental health professional and have parental consent.

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Chest Masculization:

Chest Masculization:

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FTM Top Surgery Techniques

Dr. Keith and his world-class team can expertly perform FTM top surgery using the double incision technique or the periareolar technique. Dr. Keith will determine the best surgical approach for your procedure based on your unique anatomy and desired outcome.
  • Double incision – This is the most frequently performed chest masculinization procedure. A horizontal incision is made across the chest area to allow for the removal of breast tissue. The Nipple Areola Complex can then be removed and placed to complement the new chest contours for complete and natural-looking chest masculinization results.
  • Periareolar – Periareolar top surgery can be an effective technique for patients whose treatment goals can be accomplished with the removal of minimal to moderate volumes of breast tissue and skin. This technique involves an incision around each areola and can include nipple resizing and/or repositioning as needed to masculinize the chest.

FTM Top Surgery Recovery

FTM top surgery recovery requires that you restrict your activities for several weeks to support the healing process and avoid compromising your results. The length of your recovery will depend on the extent of your procedure, your body’s natural rate of healing, and how closely you follow the aftercare instructions provided by your surgeon.
Review from A. | Source: Healthgrades | Dec 4, 2018

“Dr. Keith is simply one of the most caring and compassion surgeons I’ve ever met. He explained my procedure and recovery very throughly. Pre and postop he was reassuring and attentive. Removal of breasts and chest masculinization (involving large breasts): outcome is even better than I expected. Virtually no pain and a speedy recovery. His staff works hard to handle insurance approval and claims. He is very supportive and proactive for his transgender patients. I can’t recommend him enough.”

What Is the Cost of FTM Top Surgery?

The price of FTM top surgery varies based on the amount of breast tissue to be removed, the surgical technique(s) required to achieve your aesthetic goals, and many other factors. All costs associated with your chest masculinization procedure will be reviewed with you prior to scheduling your surgery.

Learn More about FTM Top Surgery

Dr. Keith and his talented team frequently perform gender-affirming procedures like FTM top surgery. They understand the highly personal nature of transmasculine procedures and are passionate about honoring each patient’s unique vision for their body. To learn more about FTM top surgery in New Jersey, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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