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Breast Plastic Surgery Procedures

Enjoying decades-long popularity, breast procedures are one of the most enduring facets of plastic and cosmetic surgery. At East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, we strive to give you the breasts you want—you can enjoy youthful perkiness with a lift, increased confidence with an augmentation, or decreased back pain with a reduction. As a locus of your femininity and your identity, we recognize and honor the role your breasts can play in your quality of life through the procedures we offer at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery.

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Male Procedures

As time goes on, it becomes clear that men are increasingly enjoying the benefits of plastic and cosmetic surgery. These procedures are usually geared towards enhancing a more masculine appearance, especially if that’s a look diet and exercise cannot achieve on their own. The male-centered procedures at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery are designed to enhance and honor your masculinity in a way that helps you achieve a more youthful, more powerful look

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Breast Reconstruction Procedures

Breast reconstruction surgery is a personal journey, an intimate struggle that can mean regaining your selfhood and your identity. East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery offers the latest techniques and innovations developed to honor where you have come from and keep the promise of where you are going. When it comes to your breast reconstruction surgery, you can rely on our experience and our expertise to help you on your journey.

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Body Plastic Surgery Procedures

The proportions of a beautiful body are historically fluid, changing from century to century. At East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, we’re here to make sure you get as close to your ideal body as realistically possible. We appeal to candidates because our approach is not just about nips and tucks, it’s about honoring your natural curves and contours so no one will know you’ve had plastic surgery—they’ll just know you look good.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

We greet the world face first. Facial procedure candidates know that it’s not just about trimming years off your face, it’s about changing the way you perceive yourself. When we eliminate wrinkles, crow’s feet, or sagging eyelids, you can look in the mirror and see a more youthful face looking back. We think you’ll agree that when it comes to your reflection, it’s important to look as young as you feel. At East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, our mission is to help you achieve that more youthful look.

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Skin Procedures

Plastic surgery can take commitment. But skin procedures, such as Botox, offer you a great way to get your feet wet and enjoy a new vibrant, youthful look in the process. Many of these procedures can be accomplished over a lunch hour, and while the effects wane over time, if you like what see you can keep up on treatments for consistent results. East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery offers you the latest in technique, innovation, and technology, so we think you’ll love the results.

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Gender Affirmation Procedures

At ECAPS, our mission is to provide safe, respectful and individualized approach to surgical care of transgender and gender non-conforming people. Our group of highly skilled and compassionate microsurgeons are dedicated to this patient population.

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