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Non-Binary Procedures

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For some non-binary and gender non-conforming patients, an individualized approach to surgery is required to achieve their goals. We will work with each patient individually to create a surgical plan that works to address each unique goal. We offer both non-binary top and bottom procedures. A thorough conversation with Dr. Keith is important in delivering the best possible results.

Ideal Candidates for Non-Binary Procedures

Non-binary patients experiencing gender dysphoria as a result of certain body characteristics are the best candidates for these procedures. Ideal candidates have realistic goals and have developed a thorough understanding of their options.

Healthy patients with no post-surgery healing issues are excellent candidates for non-binary procedures. Smokers must quit well in advance of their surgery; smoking can have detrimental effects on skin health, and this can cause issues with recovery and healing.

Your Consultation

During your consultation, you will discuss your goals and concerns with one of our skilled plastic surgeons. A physical examination will be performed, and photographs may be taken as a reference. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your complete medical history, including allergies and current medications.

Your surgeon will go over your non-binary procedure options. They will create a surgical plan to best achieve your goals. They will explain the plan in detail, and they will also answer any questions. A schedule for the procedure will then be arranged.

Non-Binary Procedure Options

There are several non-binary procedure options to choose from, including:

Top Surgery – This procedure changes the appearance of the chest, typically to remove the appearance of feminine breasts.

Nullification – This surgical procedure results in a smooth pelvis with only urethral and anal openings.

Penectomy – This non-binary procedure involves removal of the penis.

Penile-Preserving Vaginoplasty – This non-binary surgery creates a vaginal cavity between the scrotum and rectum while preserving the functions of a penis.

Orchiectomy – This treatment option removes one or both testicles.

Vulvoplasty – This surgery removes the penis, scrotum, and testes. The surgeon then creates the vulva, which includes the mons, labia, clitoris, and urethral opening.

Recovery Period After Non-Binary Surgery

The recovery process will differ depending on the chosen non-binary procedure. The surgeon will only release the patient once their condition has stabilized.

Pain and discomfort may be experienced after the effect of the anesthesia has faded. Prescription medications for pain will be prescribed, and recovery instructions will be given to the patient to aid the healing process.

Typically, there is a degree of bruising and swelling following a non-binary procedure. Cold compresses can be used to aid in the reduction of swelling. The patient will need to avoid physically strenuous activities for a time, and time off from work will likely be needed.

Patients must return for a follow-up appointment in order to ensure that recovery is progressing safely without complications. Any stitches may be removed at this time.

Procedure Cost

The cost of non-binary procedures will be based on the details of the treatment plan and the techniques used in the surgery. The total time needed to perform the procedure can also affect price.

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