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Bilateral Implant Based Reconstruction
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Patient Case #4334
Bilateral Implant Based Reconstruction



Patient Details:

38 year old female with right sided breast cancer who decided to undergo bilateral mastectomies. Scar location is mainly dictated by nipple position. As can be seen, her right nipple areola complex is located higher than the left due to previous biopies and resulting skin retraction. The final position of the scar highlights this preoperative asymmetry. The breast mounds, however, are symmetric and aesthetically shaped. A woeman’s preferences regarding final size can be satisfied with attentive discussions and teamwork.

Patient Age: 38

Diagnosis: Ductal Carcinoma

Primary Procedure: Bilateral Total Mastectomy

Breast Reconstruction: Tissue Expansion; Acellular Dermal Matrix, Breast Implant Reconstruction

Breast Implant Position: Subpectoral (Beneath Muscle)

Nipple Reconstruction: CV flap, 3-Dimensional Nipple Areolar Complex Tattoo

Type of Breast Implant: Silicone Breast Implants

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