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Vaginal Reconstruction (Labiaplasty)

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Labiaplasty (also labioplasty) is the surgical correction of the labia majora or labia minora. This delicate surgery is typically performed to reduce the outward appearance of the labia, but it can also correct asymmetry, and also repair female genital issues or damage caused from childbirth. The specific procedure recommended for you will be determined by the shape of the labia and surrounding tissue, as well as any goals you discuss with your ECAPS plastic surgeon. Over the past several years, vaginal rejuvenation procedures have grown in popularity. The stigma associated with this procedure has diminished significantly, and many women are talking openly about the exceptional benefits that come with vaginal rejuvenation. Our New York and New Jersey labiaplasty patients are treated under the utmost discretion, as both the procedure and any consultations leading to the procedure are completely confidential. Many women wonder what a labiaplasty can do for them, and the best way to find out the answer to that question is to schedule a confidential, no-pressure consultation with one of the surgeons at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery.

Am I a good candidate for vaginal reconstruction?

Labiaplasty is an outpatient surgery, performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. In addition to being healthy enough to withstand surgery, one or more of the following may also indicate you are a good candidate for labiaplasty:
  • Your labia are fully developed
  • You currently experience some unpleasant feelings when wearing tight pants or engaging in athletic or sexual activity
  • You are embarrassed by the size, shape, or appearance of your labia
  • You are unhappy because your labia are inhibiting proper function of your sexual organs
  • You have skin rashes or irritation and/or hygiene problems because of your labia
Your New Jersey cosmetic surgeon from ECAPS will conduct an examination and discuss with you your expected outcome. This will help determine whether or not your desires can realistically be achieved. At this time you must come prepared to discuss your full medical history, including any medical conditions, previous or current sexually transmitted diseases, previous surgeries or treatments, drug allergies, current medications, and use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances. Honesty is absolutely the best and only policy when it comes to successful vaginal reconstruction!

Special Considerations for Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery:

Illness, medical issues, and pregnancy are all factors that should be reflected upon when deciding whether or not to undergo a labiaplasty procedure. Read about the following to determine if this is the right choice for you:
  • If you have a yeast infection, genital herpes outbreak, or any other illness it is highly recommended that you wait until the infection has resolved before undergoing any vaginal procedure.
  • If you have complications from an episiotomy, problems with bladder incontinence, or have a prolapsed uterus, this surgery is not recommended for you. You may speak with an ECAPS professional for more information.
  • It is very important to inform your surgeon if you are pregnant or considering having children in the future. Pregnancy and childbirth can affect the long-term results of this, and any other vaginal surgery.

What Happens During a Labiaplasty Procedure?

Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure; you will be allowed to go home a few hours after your surgery. In most cases, labiaplasty procedures are performed under local anesthetic with the aid of a sedative, though you can discuss your comfort preferences with your surgeon during your consultation. Additionally, there are generally two techniques or approaches that are employed by surgeons during a labiaplasty procedure:
  • Trim Method: The most common method used during a labiaplasty procedure is also the most straightforward. Excess skin is trimmed away along the outer edge of the labia. In many cases, this incision simply follows the contour of the tissue already there.
  • Wedge Method: Surgeons who use the wedge method will remove a wedge-shaped piece of tissue from each side of the labia tissue.
After your procedure, your genital area will be wrapped in gauze dressings and cooling packs are highly recommended to reduce any swelling you may experience. You will leave the East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery Center with detailed instructions outlining normal symptoms, signs of complication and instructions for your recovery.

Labiaplasty recovery and results

Walking shouldn’t be an issue following surgery and you will be up and about good as new within a day or two. You will, however, be sore for at least a couple of weeks and must not engage in strenuous exercise or sexual activity for at least a month after surgery. Any dressings you require will be removed within several days. Your surgeon will recommend follow up visits to evaluate your healing process, and it is so important during this time to follow your doctor’s orders closely in order to achieve the best possible outcome. When we hear from our labiaplasty patients after their procedures, they often remark on how much more comfortable they feel in their own bodies. Daily activities, such as exercise, are easier and less painful to perform. Patients feel more confident (and much less self-conscious) after their procedure. The results of labiaplasty will, of course, vary from patient to patient, but our patients tend to feel great afterwards—more self-esteem, more confidence, and the ability to ignore their anatomy when deciding on what clothes to wear. If you are interested in learning what vaginal rejuvenation can do for you, contact the highly skilled New Jersey labiaplasty surgeons at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery. You can schedule your consultation at one of our seven convenient locations. Get started on your transformation today!

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