Abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, restores separated or weakened abdominal muscles to the center of the body, tightening the “core” and simultaneously removing excess skin and fat.  The result of the surgery is a more youthful appearing stomach that is smooth and firm.

You might be a good candidate for this procedure if:

  • You have a stable body weight
  • Excess skin or fat causes you anxiety about your appearance
  • Your stomach skin is loose or sagging
  • Your stomach muscles have become weakened (commonly a result of pregnancy)

Abdominoplasty is usually an outpatient procedure, and you should be allowed to leave just a few hours after your surgery.  Your midsection will be wrapped in dressings, and you may have drainage tubes to prevent fluid from building up.  You should follow up with your surgeon as recommended in order to properly diagnose any possible complications, and closely track the progress of your healing surgical site.

Before having this surgery, it is important to understand that this surgery should not be viewed as an alternative to natural weight loss.  There is no substitute for the benefits achieved by living a healthy lifestyle, with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise.  This surgery should only be an option when it has been decided that traditional methods alone have not worked.